Know Your Speakers


Sandeep Bhargava Mr. Sandeep Bhargava, started his career in 1986 at Tata Steel, where he predominantly worked in the raw materials division handling coal, coke, chrome and ferro alloys. With a career spanning over 25 years in the steel raw material industry, he has witnessed the sector undergo numerous changes such as having contracts for metallurgical coal and other steel raw materials move from annual to 3 years to semi-annual, quarterly and now index driven. Mr. Bhargava is one of the founders of Rawmet Resources in 2001 and Avani Resources in 2011 which are based out of Kolkata and Singapore respectively and both these companies have a significant presence in the metallurgical coal business in India. With his innate ability to separate the noise from the essential, Steel Companies in India have over the years come to depend on him to provide them with accurate insight on raw material procurement and usage in order to optimize their operations.