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R. NAGARAJAN Shri R. NAGARAJAN is working as Executive director (Services) in RINL, VSP. A Coke Making Technologist to the Core, he has worked at various levels in the Organisation and is well experienced in Construction, Commissioning and Stabilisation activities. Coke Oven and Coal Chemical Plant at RINL, VSP operates four (4) 7mtr tall batteries with Coke Dry Quenching technology and recovery of valuable by-products from the Coke Oven Gas. Optimum production is achieved from all the batteries meeting the requirement of metallurgical Coke and complying with the pollution control norms. Shri R. NAGARAJAN is involved in the selection of Coals for preparation of an effective Coal Blend in terms of Cost and Quality and also to meet the Coke Quality requirement of the High Volume Blast Furnaces of RINL, VSP. He is also taking a lead role in procurement of indigenous and imported Boiler Coal for preparation of an effective blend to meet the requirement of Captive Power Plant of RINL, VSP.He is eager to adopt new sources of Coking as well as non-coking coal, so as to ensure multiple, reliable and uninterrupted supplies. RINL is on the growth path to achieve 7.5MTPA Crude Steel, Shri Nagarajan is actively involved in the preparation of logistics Support for achieving the same.